N.C.B. railways at Haig colliery and whitehaven harbour cable incline link.

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N.C.B. railways at Haig colliery and whitehaven harbour cable incline link.

Trucks being loaded with coal from conveyor belts and chutes under the coal screening plant, which sorts the coal into different sizes.
0-6-0 locomotive Revenge moves a short train of loaded trucks at walking pace to the weighbridge.
After the trucks have been weighed, Revenge pushes them upgrade towards the coal washing plant.
Trucks of washed coal are lowered by cable down the 1-in-5 incline to the harbour. We hear two trucks being hooked on to the cable and going over the brink (see inside cover picture). Then we hear the cable running over the guide rollers and round the big wheel in the winding house, two empty trucks on the other end of the cable cresting the top of the bank and the coupling being dropped to the ground.
We ride the footplate of 0-4-0 locomotive Solway taking empty trucks from the top of the incline along the clifftop (see cover picture) back to the coal washing plant.
Down on the harbour, 0-4-0 locomotive no. 69 runs light around the quays to the foot of the incline then returns with a coal train, whistling for the several road crossings.
No. 69 pulls a train of empties out of British Railways exchange sidings back towards the incline.
We hear the fireman throwing the trackside switch levers and uncoupling the trucks as engine no. 69 shunts coal along a pier and into B.R. sidings. Then it backs on to a train of empties in the sidings and takes it away around the harbour towards the incline.

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