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DVD: The Irish Railways Vol. 1

The Irish Railways Vol. 1
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Rating: E (Exempt from classification) 
Length: 55 minutes 


This new and revised edition of the pioneering volume in our Irish Railways series provides a splendid introduction to some of the delights which could be seen on both lreIandís 5ft 3in standard L gauge tracks and the countryís famed narrow gauge lines, from the 1950s through to the 1970s.
The programme progresses from north to south beginning with the railways of Ulster. Sequences feature Derby-built tanks at work on motorway construction trains, the Great Northern Railway in the 1.950s, including many lines which were soon to close and the Sligo, Leitrim & Northern Counties Railway whose locomotives were known by name only and never carried numbers. Another unique sight is that of the Fintona horse tram, whose motive power ate hay and was called Dick! .
Three narrow gauge systems feature in the programme; the County Donegal with its red and cream railcars and red Iiveried steam locos, the Cavan 8. Leitrim with its coal trains and cow catchers and not a diesel in sight, and the West Clare line, fully modernised in the mid 1950s.
Standard gauge lines seen in the Republic include those serving Dublinís three main stations, the tramway through the streets of Cork and the lines serving the west of that county. Motive power ranges from relatively modern steam locomotives through to venerable survivors from the last century, the first generation of diesel locomotives and railcars and that most Irish of rail vehicles, the rail-bus.
This programme also includes a film made by John Laird of the Great Northernís Belfast terminus at Great Victoria Street which closed in the 1970s, the new station opened on its site by Northern ireland Railways in 1995 and a film made by Edwin Wilmshurst of steam trains at work on the Loughrea branch in County Galway, one of the last steam-worked lines in the south.

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