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DVD: The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: Tunisia & Israel

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: Tunisia & Israel
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Rating: E (Exempt from classification) 
Length: 70 minutes 


The World's Greatest Railway Journeys Tunisia and Israel

What Makes A Great Railway Journey? Distance... scenery... the train itself... the people you meet on the way. Undoubtably it is all of those and more. Experience the spirit of the railway in this fabulous DVD.

Getting to know this country by train is a fascinating experience. The route leads us from north to south and teaches us that Tunisia is a country of contrasts. For example, the contrast between the sunny life on the beach and the very beautiful Roman excavations, recalling an eventful history. Or the remarkable contrast between the rich plantations in the fertile north and the empty and dry Sahara in the south. That will be the spectacular end of this journey.

A small country with a great history. Independent for 50 years, this young nation can look back upon a fascinating, centuries-old history. This is the country of the Jewish patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The country of Greek, Roman, Arabic and Turkish rulers. Here, we are treading on the holy grounds of the Old and New Testament; it is where Jesus was born and where, on his way to his crucifixion, he set down his final footsteps on this very same Via Dolorosa. Israel is the country where the presence memory's of the past is tangible.

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