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DVD: The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: Peru & Ecuador

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: Peru & Ecuador
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Rating: E (Exempt from classification) 
Length: 70 minutes 


The World's Greatest Railway Journeys
Peru & Ecuador

What Makes A Great Railway Journey? Distance... scenery... the train itself... the people you meet on the way. Undoubtably it is all of those and more. Experience the spirit of the railway in this fabulous DVD.

Peru - Over the Andes by rail, looking for the old Inca culture. These are the ingredients for this train journey through the South-American country of Peru..

Ecuador - Rail Away is travelling to the centre of the world. Ecuador is situated exactly on the boarder seperating the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. It is not just the country of Indians but also the country of beautiful nature. Bt rail, a fascinating view passes before us. From the capital city of Quinto, we travel in a southernly direction across Sierra plain along the Andes mountain chaina nd proceed to Bucay.

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