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DVD: The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: Canada

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: Canada
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Rating: E (Exempt from classification) 
Length: 90 minutes 

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The World's Greatest Railway Journeys

What Makes A Great Railway Journey? Distance... scenery... the train itself... the people you meet on the way. Undoubtably it is all of those and more. Experience the spirit of the railway in this fabulous DVD.

Canada - This episode of Rail Away begins with the roll of drums of the Canadian Indians. On the Rocky Mountaineer we travel through the State of British Columbia in the outmost West of Canada.

The train leads to places that are inaccesible to cars and provides a view of the mighty canyons. wild rivers and densely wooded valleys. From the spectacular landscape of the Rocky Mountains we easily cross over to a modern city like Vancouver.

We also travel through southeast Canada. By way of montreal and Toronto we're heading for Canada's greatest natural wonder: Niagara Falls.

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