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DVD: The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: China, Eastern Oriental, Vietnam

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: China, Eastern Oriental, Vietnam
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Rating: E (Exempt from classification) 
Length: 90 minutes 


The World's Greatest Railway Journeys
China, Eastern Oriental, Vietnam

What Makes A Great Railway Journey? Distance... scenery... the train itself... the people you meet on the way. Undoubtably it is all of those and more. Experience the spirit of the railway in this fabulous DVD.

China - Following the route Beijing - Hong Kong in use once again since gaining control of Hong Kong in 1997. The journey will take us through a country where centuries-old traditions go hand in hand with modern developments. The modern hamburge culture is advancing but this journey will show that the unique, old chinese culture still continues to dominate in the general street image.

The Eastern & Oriental Express - This train runs right across Southeast Asia from Singapore to Bangkok, and covers a route of two thousand kilometres. It is one of the more luxurious trains in the world. During the journey three countires are visited, which show a marvellous blend of Eastern culture and come Western influences.

Vietnam - One of the most beautiful coutires in Asia. As a result of the bloody wars with France and the United States, the country was cut off from the outside world for decades. In the late 80's the doors opened and it was possible to travel through this country with its beautiful nature, lively cities and friendly people. We will travel from Southern to Northern Vietnam on the Re-unification Express.

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