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DVD: The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: France, Corsia and Spain

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: France, Corsia and Spain
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Rating: E (Exempt from classification) 
Length: 65 minutes 


The World's Greatest Railway Journeys
France, Corsica & Spain

What Makes A Great Railway Journey? Distance... scenery... the train itself... the people you meet on the way. Undoubtably it is all of those and more. Experience the spirit of the railway in this fabulous DVD.

1. The World's Greatest Railway Journeys will track through the south of France. We will first get to know the area of Nice and afterwards we will catch the boat to the island of Corsica. Under a brilliant sunny blue sky various trains will take us along the beautiful coasts and through high mountainous landscapes, to Mediterranean villages and historical cities. It will be a journey that shows why Corsia is fondly dubbed the 'Ile de Beaute": island of beauty

2. The railway takes us to the south of Spain. By train we travel through beautiful Andalusia with Seville and Grenada as the most important paces. Andalusia with its flamenco, sherry, fiestas and bull-fights, typifies the stereotypes of spain, well-known, but ever so interesting.

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